​How I work

Projects, Coaching and Training

I can work with you and your team in three ways: through projects, coaching and training.


By coaching, rather than consulting, I give you the space to innovate; to understand your business or project and to explore what success will look like, for you and your business.

Coach: I will coach you through your initial thoughts to allow you to create more options than you ever thought possible.
Research: Through my experience as a researcher, I will map the project and employ innovative research methodologies, elicit ideas from you and your team, and suggest ideas of my own, based on my experience in the commercial education and creative sectors.
Report and recommend: I will present my research to you, and other stakeholders if required, and make recommendations.
Plan: I will write comprehensive project and marketing plans for you.
Implement: I will work with you, doing what work is necessary, until your project is complete, to ensure a successful outcome.


I can coach you or your team through hourly Skype, phone or face-to-face coaching sessions. I can arrange a coaching triangle (coach, coachee and line manager) and  help you explore your issues and your options, and hold you accountable to decisions that you make.  I will support, question and challenge you in a safe space to enable you to succeed.


I train groups and individuals in sales, marketing and business development, specifically for the ELT industry.

Benefits to you
  • My experience and continuous learning as a student of innovation at a world-leading university
  • My track record for implementing and growing profitable businesses in commercial and international education
  • My extensive international network of partners, agents, academics, schools and creatives, all of which combined can create value for your business
  • My coaching skills to unlock ideas and potential within your teams and within your business
  • My knowledge of best practice and effective solutions from the commercial and international education sector

In addition, you will get:

  • high-quality work, on time and on budget;
  • unique, objective solutions that reflect your business’ capabilities and aspirations;
  • speed, because I won’t be distracted by your ‘business as usual’.

Contact me

For an initial discussion about your project and how you would like to work with me, please send me an email: hannah@alexander-wright.co.uk