Ghost-writing articles and successfully setting up clients as thought-leaders

Working with a fantastic graphic designer to create a brand for a digital transformation programme.

Recent Portfolio Highlights

Hannah Alexander-Wright

Freelance Copywriter and Concept Developer

Creating impactful campaigns to help people understand the beta launch of an app. Mediocre reviews were posted on table toppers, coasters and posters around the canteen to generate responses.

Creating "Design Fiction" to highlight possibilities for the future.

Here, I directed my team through a week-long campaign of posts and events to highlight Digital Innovation. We created videos, wrote articles, made Instagram-type stories, instructed self-generated content, made a treasure hunt to encourage people to explore a website and produced Design Fiction.

Script-writing for corporate videos: telling a compelling story

Deciding to go in a fun, celebratory direction, I worked with a very talented filmmaker and animator to make a non-corporate video based on a 90s retro video game.

Please contact me for more examples of my work: 

Working with a brilliant filmmaker, we created a video during Covid to show the highlights of the global team. Working with people across Europe, we pulled self-generated footage and statistics together to make a personal, impactful video.

Summarising complex processes