Projects during MA Innovation Management

Using innovation methodology, I gathered complex information, created insights and gave recommendations. Projects included:

Service Innovation Project
In this project I identified under-represented communities and researched local businesses which used the service innovation principals of the circular economy to create well-being solutions for them.
Discourses Project
In this project I critically evaluated the contemporary concern of fake news, using discourse theory to identify the drivers of this phenomenon. By questioning what is real and what we take for granted, it was possible to gain new insights.
Uncertainty Project

Working with a live brief from LVMH, I used speculative design / design fiction to map and create two different scenarios on the future of luxury.
Practice Mapping Project
By mapping the reading and research from all previous projects, my team presented our four positions of innovation, concluding that: innovation is driven, innovation emerges from deviation, innovation happens in cycles and innovation occupies temporary spaces.
Major Research Project
My research was concerned with expertise and how its unquestioning, static position can be a barrier to innovation. My field research allowed me to be a non-expert in an expert environment and explore the opportunities that this position can bring.
Degree Show and Workshop Project
To demonstrate the research of the cohort, we created an original innovation model called the Reshaping Framework. The approach to our personal research can be explained in eight movements. For example, those who used the “Kite” were concerned with the big-picture, using the “Chameleon” helped explore empathy and using the “Magnet” helped question assumptions. I am currently producing a Wikipedia page for this framework and as a cohort, we will be open sourcing it so it can be used and developed further. 

British Council Report

I was commissioned to research and write a report for the British Council and English UK on the Thai market for the UK English Language Teaching (ELT) industry. The brief was to give information about the context of the market, conduct primary research and give practical recommendations to accredited language schools, colleges and universities. These stakeholders were very diverse: from tiny language schools, to huge international universities. I approached it by examining my stakeholders and speaking to some about what they want from a report like this. The message I got was that they wanted a practical how-to guide for tackling the Thai market. I travelled to Thailand and spoke to recruitment agents, students, parents and university professors to understand what they were looking for in a study abroad experience in the UK. The report was printed and distributed to British Council Accredited schools around the UK, and I was asked to present it at the annual English UK marketing conference, to promote the report. The design of the report was conventional so to demonstrate the dynamic possibilities of the market I presented the report with a video made by a Thai Youtuber (Peachii) who I asked to interview teenagers on the streets of Bangkok to see what people thought of the UK as a destination. I had armed her with photos of UK celebrities and politicians and also surprising trivia to dispel the myth that the UK was too expensive to visit. 

Jane Dancaster, MD of Wimbledon School of English commented:

"I think it is an extremely thorough, focused, useful & practical report.  Hannah’s in depth understanding of our industry and what we need to know is apparent on every page, and this, combined with her excellent writing style, makes this report essential reading for all UK EFL organisations." 


Consultancy report for Torquay International School (now IH Torquay)

I was asked to research (interviews, ethnography, desk research) Torquay International School and give recommendations as to improvements. Schools owner, Kevin McNally commented in LinkedIn:

“With a few days’ prep time and a one-day visit, Hannah has given me a concise, accurate and inspirational report. Some of it is very painful to read (as it should be) and I would say she’s given us a year’s work at least. I am delighted that I commissioned Hannah for this work, and I will certainly be looking to work with her in the future. Highly, highly recommended.”

Research and Insights