Writing is my creative practice. My marketing background ensures that my writing has purpose and a "call to action".  My coaching and training experience means that my writing is empathetic, focused on the intended reader, and has clarity.  My innovation training allows me to make my writing stand out, and (if I'm allowed) sprinkled with humour. Oh, and in case you're a stickler for accuracy, I've got a degree in English and a diploma in English Language teaching.  Due to my educational background, I can research well, so don't worry if your topic is pretty random, or you need ideas from me.  Have a look at my portfolio below.  This is just a small amount of projects I have worked on, but hopefully diverse enough for you to see that I can write, and that it would be a really good move to ask me to write for you...


Innovation Management Journal: Aeffect​

I write for and am on the editorial team for the Central Saint Martins journal of innovation management.  Here's a teaser article I wrote to promote the launch of our printed journal:


Event article

Here's an article I wrote about coaching, to promote my networking event.  Content needs to be useful, and not just a shameless plug for an event.

Industry Press

The EL Gazette (an industry newspaper for the English Language teaching sector) commissioned me to scope out university teachers to interview in this article.  The style of the paper is pretty formal, so no belly-laughs this time I'm afraid.


Not only do I co-run a fabulous (free) networking event, but I have also created a lovely little website to explain what it's all about.

Mentoring Article

Here's an article that I wrote for a women's empowerment organisation, all about mentoring, to encourage others to mentor, and be mentored. Again, this is more useful / interesting content, instead of a pitch.

Travel Blog Post

A few years ago I was asked to write about my adventures as an international marketer. Here's the article, to give you a flavour of my personality...

Marketing Report

Want something a bit longer?  How about a 6,000 work research paper, commissioned by the British Council and English UK to advise the English Language teaching community how to market in Thailand? The report itself is password protected, so contact me if you are interested. Information about the report can be found here: https://www.englishuk.com/en/about-us/news-press/english-uk-news?newsId=2692


Shhhh!  I'm a ghost-writer, having written numerous posts for busy people!  I research, write and source photos for the article and then let others take the credit. Give me a theme and let me make you a published expert! 

And...proof I can write about anything. Here's a recent article I wrote for a joinery company for a Halloween special, about doors that don't work: